5 Lessons I’ve Learned in 2015

2015 was one heck of an emotional rollercoaster for me. But despite all the ups and downs, I’m grateful for the lessons I’ve learned along the way:

  1. It’s possible to outgrow a job, a city, or even the most important people in our lives. Accept the truth then let go if you think you’ve tried hard enough. (Easier said than done, of course)
  2. Grieve and quit blaming yourself for the turn of events. Be kind to yourself and forgive.
  3. Don’t feel guilty for being happy. It doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten the past. It just means you’re learning to live with loss and have decided to move forward.
  4. Losing people is a part of life – just like gaining new ones, who could make a huge impact in your life again.
  5. Cherish those who stood by you despite the distance and your excess baggage. They’re the people you should bring along as you go on with your journey. Thanks to all of YOU. You know who you are 😉

Lastly, below is a very timely reminder I came across up in the air last September. Gracias, Universe!


En route to Amsterdam, September 2015


Here’s to 366 days of new chances, changes, learnings, and opportunities for growth. I’m ready for you, 2016!

<3, jenie



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